Email marketing is an old bottled wine. Emails haven’t lost its charm yet. They are still widely used as an impeccable marketing tool to engage with buyers. Actually you can increase buyer’s lifetime value with emails. How? Read below.

What email marketing does?

  • A seller can increase its revenue with a strategic email marketing campaign
  • It’s not just selling it’s about bonding with sellers
  • It informs buyers about relevant & timely offers

Collect data about your buyers – what they want & what will make them click your mail. With all these data you need to categories them as – what you should speak to whom. For example you cannot sell diapers to an automobile CEO. This is what it is called data segmentation.

How to get more buyers through email marketing

There are 3 kinds of buyers whom you can send promotional mails:

  • New buyers who have not made any purchase from you
  • Buyers who have purchased similar products but from others
  • Buyers who had purchased products from you before

How to actually engage more buyers through email marketing? Read some quick tips below.

  • Provide buyers old or new with useful information about your products.
  • The mails shall contain educational details about products.
  • Include product reviews or ratings
  • Offer them fair deals & discount offers giving them chance to your product.
  • Don’t make you mails boring, send link to helpful articles or resources
  • Give them seasonal offers
  • Ask their opinion & also ask them to revert back.
  • Offer buyers with free gifts or coupons to subscribe your newsletter
  • Send an invitation to connect with your social media platform
  • If it’s an old buyer ask them to buy similar products as to what they bought earlier.
  • Introduce latest version of the same product to old buyers. They might be amazed to see the new look & features.

Marketing techniques gives you chance to engage with your potential & current buyers in a friendly manner. But wait….in the rundown to send email to buyers do not land in the spam folder. It will not take a long to spam you or unsubscribe you.

These are the basics of email marketing. You can contact our marketing experts for advice on how to do it in the right way.

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Buyers leave the buying process online & run away without any reason that is called shopping cart abandonment. It is one of the most common & widespread problem in eCommerce industry across the globe. It is very painful to know that buyer came to your site & went away without even bothering to see what you offer.

Reasons to Abandon Shopping Cart & their Solutions

Let’s discuss what probable reasons to abandon shopping cart are for buyers. Read

  • The cost was too high, they didn’t expect that much
  • They were just browsing
  • Your competitor offers cheaper then you
  • Site navigation is not friendly
  • The check out process is very long
  • You share buyers info with third party
  • Security is not guaranteed
  • Payment options are llimited
  • Delivery options are not viable to buyers
  • Shipping charges are too high
  • Site loading speed is not fast enough
  • NO currency convertor
  • Poor product description
  • Product image aren’t real
  • Your eBay store front design is unattractive
  • Your store is not mobile friendly

How to prevent shopping cart abandonment?

Offer Free Shipping to new buyers & discounts on shipping charges to the old ones. Buyers feel that they are being cheated because shipping costs were not mentioned upfront.

If you want your buyers not to abandon the shopping cart then make it more accessible. Show the list of items on the shopping cart.

Make the checkout process quick & simple. It is advisable to keep the check out process limited to 3 or maximum 4 steps. You can also provide an express checkout option to your buyers.


Not providing enough payment options to buyers also tend to abandon the purchase process. Give your buyers multiple payment options.

If your store design fails to provide a smooth shopping experience on mobile then buyers are definitely going to run away. Do you know 7 out of 10 orders are processed daily through mobile devices?

Above stated tips might help you improve your shopping cart abandon rate. We at are there to help you if any of the reason is bothering you.

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Social media is the next revolution after mobile technology in the eCommerce industry. Social media are no more a chatting or a dating site. In this blog we have come up with an interesting study to understand how social media is impacting the online market places.

Social Media Platform Driving Huge eCommerce Sales A Study

Some interesting data

  • Facebook rules as a front runner in the race to drive more sales.
  • More than half of the sales & eCommerce orders are calculated to be drawn from facebook.
  • A surprising fact has been discovered that not only facebook but pinterest, twitter & instagram are also generating orders.
  • Above all facebook grabs the crown of having highest conversion rate.

In this blog we have also evaluated what kind of industry or products perform on distinct social media platforms. Check them below.

Active Social Media Platforms engaged in eCommerce:

eCommerce Market Share
Facebook – 65%
Pinterest – 14%
Twitter – 12%
Youtube – 8%
Facebook acquires the largest market share compared to others.

What type of product is ordered by buyer using facebook? See the list.

  • Photography
  • Sports & Recreation
  • Pet Supply
  • Jewelry & Watches
  • Clothing & Apparel
  • Food & Beverages
  • Home Décor
  • Gardening Tools & Equipments
  • Web Design
  • Health & Beauty Products
  • Music & Movies CDs DVDs

Conversion Rate
Though facebook dominates as the highest grossing social media platform there are other contenders when it comes to conversion rates. Apart from facebook vimeo & youtube grabs 1.15% & 1.14% visitors share simultaneously by helping buyers select products through videos.

Products & industries where facebook is not a prime player they are dominated by others.

Antiques collection, electronic & digital products, service sector, home appliances, merchandise, books, magazines, automotives, IT industry, home & office furniture, gifts etc. are order more on other platforms compared to facebook.

Well, it is clear by now that facebook is the most preferred platform for buyers & sellers both. Then why you remain untouched? Contact us for custom facebook page design.

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If you are planning to set up an online store to in a mood to go for a revamp of the old one then you should avoid these 7 mistakes which probably can ruin your entire online business before it starts. eCommerce industry is flooded with millions of sellers & this is where you are going to make a foot hold, remember that.

9 Mistakes to Avoid While Designing an Online Store!

In this blog you will find some common errors making your overall store user experience poor for buyers. Read them & avoid them.

No Research
Whether online or offline new business needs to be researched thoroughly so that you get every single details about the behavior, habits & preferences of your target audience. If you don’t do this you might end up to disappointment.

Wrong eCommerce Platform
Don’t just jump in because your friend told so! Research about the eCommerce platform also on which you are planning to setup your store. Consider everything from selling fees to features & function of the platform you select.

Inappropriate Product Description
Providing fabricated information about your products to buyers will not only give a wrong impression but will eventually shut your business. Avoid over rating your product.

Unable to Contact you
Design your contact page in an easy format so that all details are clearly displayed on the page. Be available for your buyers all time & with all means. Give buyers options to contact you through email, chat, phone, text messages etc.

Poor Loading Speed
Your buyers will not wait for your store to load they will instantly switch over to your competitors. It is because the store is poorly designed. Make sure that your designer put some efforts to load your store super quick.

Site Navigation is Complex
An online store has to have friendly navigational functionalities. What’s the point if the visitor has to click several times to get to his desired product? Make navigation simple & easy.

Bad Quality Product Images
Images speak more than words! You don’t need to be a highly qualified professional photographer to take your product images. Just click them with enough light sources so that the product is highlighted in the image. A step further you can hire a professional for the same.

Checkout Process is very long
This is the prime factor for buyers to abandon the purchase process in between. It may be because you are asking too much personal info from them or the check out procedure is really very long. Keep it short.

You don’t have Mobile Version of your store
It’s the mobile technology that has taken the eCommerce industry on storm! Shopping via mobile has outdated other devices & if you don’t have a mobile eCommerce store then you are making a big mistake. If you want more sales then go for mobile eCommerce.

We hope that you avoid all these mistakes while designing a new store or redesigning the old one. We would like to recommend magento being the best of all with cutting-edge features & functionalities.

Along with magento stores we offer a wide variety of unique & fresh eBay auction design templates & listing templates.

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With an increase in mobile shopping accounting to more than 60% of annual sales performed through mobile devices it becomes vital to optimize your eBay store & eBay listing template. Optimizing your store for mobile devices will fetch you sales, leads & best seller tag. So, here’s how you can do it. Read below.

4 Quick Tips for Mobile Marketing your eBay Store

#1 Page speed

This is the most important aspect of your eBay store & eBay listing template. They must load at lightning speed. Buyers want wait till full page gets loaded, they will quickly switch over to your competitor.

Page loading is a prime factor for cart abandonment. An average buyer will not be that patient to wait for a page to load. Remember, every second counts. It must take less than 5 seconds for an average store page to load and not more than that.

Check out Google’s tool Page Speed insights to test your page speed.

#2 Local Searches

How can you go global when you don’t have local presence? Whether you operate on local level or not but google tracks every inch of a buyer’s location whether local, national or international. Hence, feed your name, address, phone number in hundreds of local directories.

You can hire a freelancer to do the job. That is called local listings.

#3 Have a beautifully optimized Mobile eBay store design

If you want to increase your sales then a stunning mobile eBay design is must. But why mobile design is must? Let’s see what wonders a mobile design does.

  • Buyer gets a secondary platform to order their desired products
  • It will improve your sales
  • You can reach out to buyers who don’t use laptops, desktops etc for shopping
  • No separate design, just optimized your current or new store for mobile
  • Massive savings on mobile designing cost

And a lot more can be achieved through mobile optimized designs.

#4 Test run your mobile design

Do it with a point of view that how a mobile user will use when he/she will access your store on their device. Get answers to questions like. . . . . . .

  • Are the pages loading in time & properly?
  • Is the store design mobile screen friendly?
  • Do the images fit the mobile screen?
  • Do images get scattered?
  • Are all the texts in a readable position?

This way you can test your mobile design with different perspective so that marketing of the same will ease your work upto a great extent.

With these four quick we rest the discussion & advices you to contact our expert team to get more info about store designing & marketing.

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eBay seller or any other eCommerce seller, in general, face the toughest situation of converting a shopper into a person who actually buys from you. And believe us it’s the biggest challenge. In this blog, we have narrated some tips to overcome this challenge up to certain extent. Even though they might be practical you need an expert to execute the same in a striking manner so that you get desired results.

Read the blog & if you need more tips on the topic then contact our expert eBay store designer.

Think from the perspective of a Buyer

Be a buyer before being a seller. Would you stand in a shop where you are left unattended for hours? NO, exactly that is the thing to be taken care of.

Address buyer’s queries in person and address them effectively to solve their problems. Do not leave your buyer unattended or waiting or else they will run away. Give them importance when they are interacting with you.

eBay Store Designer

Checkout process

Things that seem logical on paper might be complex & frustrating when you practically design it. Check out process is the main factor of cart abandonment. The checkout process of your eBay shop design must be limited to 3 or maximum 4 steps and not more than that.

Lengthy check-out process tends to cancel the purchase process at last moments. Test run for your check out process. It’s not a big deal ask your friends or family member to help you out.

STOP forcing your buyers to sign in or create an account

Give your buyers an option to shop your products without creating an account on your store. Simply let them shop as guest buyers.

Get your store mobile optimized

If your store is not friendly with smartphone screens in terms of load time, images, store pages, checkout process etc then shoppers will just scan your store & leave without even looking at what you are offering them.

Hence, make your store mobile friendly because 3 out of 5 sales are transacted through mobile devices.

Don’t confuse buyers

Provide your shopper with exact information for what they are looking for. Give your shopper price details about products, shipping cost, taxes, delivery info etc when they proceed to purchase your products.

Buyers prefer exact info about their desired products instead of unwanted marketing content.

Offer multi-payment option

If you are selling on eBay then PayPal is the only option left with you. eBay allows other means of payment also refer their payment options list for more info. Apart from PayPal, you can provide your buyers with payment option like bank transfers, cheques, credit/debit card etc.

With these methods, you can surely improve your lead conversions & sales. They are easy to address and gives amazing results if worked out properly.

Contact our expert eBay store designer for more help in converting shoppers into buyers.

According to a survey carried out by an USA based eCommerce agency 65% of the eBay sales annually comes from international buyers. And we are sure this figure is absolutely lucrative if you are an eBay seller. Don’t you want to have a good proportion out of this 65% international sale?

Off course every eBay seller wants to take his/her store to next level & your next level is international sales! In this blog you will read about cross border shipping & increasing sales from it.

International Shipping Increase eBay Sales

 Why international shipping?

  • It’s an easy way to increase sales
  • It will grow your credibility across global ecommerce markets
  • The package are insured hence no fear of loss
  • You don’t need to buy separate inventory
  • No need to work extra hours
  • No need to hire extra staff

Our expert team of professional eBay store designer has listed 7 ways to go global & elevate your eBay sales. Read them below.

Use eBay custom shipping labels because all the information about the products is auto filled in it. You just need to add date & sign it. Visit shipping information center for more details.

Quality products are in demand across the globe due to less or no production of such goods. For example American goods are in high demand. You can sell them to international buyers & increase your eBay sales.

When you sell across border there are no currency or language barriers because transactions are processed in US dollars & all correspondence takes place in English. You can also use google translate to figure out possible languages.

Bidding on auctions also increases your eBay sales. When you sell internationally your bidders will increase & ultimately your bidding price will go up which will give more revenue.

Developed nations have tendency to throw away a perfectly fine product. If you are a used goods seller on eBay then these trash can earn a fortune for you by selling it to Asian or other regions.

International buyers have reputation of not frequently returning ordered items. They are actually excited to receive products from you because they don’t easily get them in their country.

You can ship to international buyers by using eBay global shipping program or USPS. As said earlier you can use eBay shipping labels with auto filled info about the products. Just print them.
They provide sellers with tracking & insurance details.

If you are not selling globally then you are losing a big amount of revenue. Buyers don’t plead sellers to ship any product, but instead they will shift to other sellers who are selling similar items& also shipping across border.

If you are new to international sales then first add few items & see what is the response from buyers. In this way you will get good experience about cross border sales & the shipping process.

If you are planning to turn your eBay selling into a full time job then you need to know that there will come periods of low or zero sales & you might struggle to move on. But don’t worry there are certain things if taken care of can do wonders with your sales.

In this blog our expert sales team has mentioned 10 reasons that pull down your sales & probably what to do when you come across them. Read & follow.

You can contact our expert team for more discussions on this topic.

Reason (1) You sell what other too

If your buyer gets a product from a local shop nearby his home then why would he/she order from & wait for the same product to arrive after 2 or 3 days. Whereas he/she can get the same product immediately from any discount shop.

In this situation, your sales get affected. Hence sell products that don’t fall under the general category.

eBay Store front Design

Reason (2) You Sell things that are less in demand

Selling unusual products will create difficulty in making a profit or even to survive online. What’s the logic in selling products that are demanded by just a handful of buyers & that also not to very often?

Again sales get affected, hence sell products that are in demand & moves fast with market trends.

Reason (3) You sell Perishable Products

To sell or deal in perishable product online you need to have sufficient expertise & experience. Do you have them both? Ask yourself. If no then go for durable goods like furniture, garments, luxury items, or any kind of durable consumer goods.

Reason (4) You Sell at high Price

This is the most important factor that decides whether your sales go upward or downward. Competitive price brings in good sales. If your competitor sells at a low price then your buyer will have no choice. They will quickly buy from your competitor instead of you.

This doesn’t mean that you must sell cheaply, be fair enough with a price.

Reason (5) You have got Negative Feedbacks

Negative feedbacks are actually not a concern if they are one or two. They may be due to unknown reasons. But if the frequency of negative feedbacks increases then you need to worry because this will break your reputation of being the honest seller.

See where things went wrong. Contact buyer giving negative feedbacks. Do whatever it takes legitimately to correct the situation.

Reason (6) You don’t get repeated buyers

It is very hard to sell again & again to a buyer. If you do so then you have aced the art of getting repeated business. If not then you need to check with your products.

Many sellers sell inferior goods with short life span to get repeated buyers, but that’s a phishing technique. We don’t advise you to do so.

Reason (7) You have listed products in the wrong category

Your listings go unnoticed because you have been doing this all wrong. Check you listing category, sub category, check eBay site whether it is national or international, also check local language. Rectify the mistake on ASAP basis.

Reason (8) Your products presentation is of poor quality

Represent products in a beautiful way to your buyer. Write a brief product description with HD product images so that buyers get relevant information about products they are going to buy.

Get a custom eBay storefront design to beautify the overall look of your store & products.

Reason (9) You sell out of fashion items

It’s not what you are thinking. By the term fashion, we mean that you sell a product that has a limited use like according to seasons, taste, style or even gender. Monitor current market trends of your products & change the product line accordingly.

Reason (10) You yourself drive your sales down

Ending the list this is of utmost importance that how you treat your buyers. Do you care for buyers or you are after their money. Is your refund policy friendly? Do you deliver on time? Do you replace products with a smile? Try to get answers to them.

Figure out what’s wrong if answers to above questions are a big NO.

We at are there to help you if any of the reason is bothering you.

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Follow these 40 sales grabbing tips that will help you connect with your busy eBay buyers. All these tips include emailing, voicemail, text messaging etc. to grab their attention and believe us they are doing wonders for others.

Professional eBay store designer

Out expert team has brought a collection of straight forward tips that are easily compiled here in equally easy language to understand & follow them. See below

  1. Plan about reaching to your buyer. How will you do it? Email or text messages.
  2. Collect right contact details of your clients
  3. Evaluate you after sales services more than your product
  4. Use numbers & statistical data in mail or messages
  5. Follow up your existing buyers with new product collection
  6. Ask for reference from existing buyers
  7. Start formal communication with referrals given by existing buyers
  8. Use email, voicemail, phone, social media, events, newsletters & blog posts to communicate with new & existing buyers
  9. Use communication methods that buyer responds most
  10. Talk about new product launch, market conditions, your services offered etc.
  11. Search the history of buyers who purchased from you in the past
  12. Use ready to use email templates to speak with buyers
  13. Avoid using self-posting text messages
  14. Stop being over anxious
  15. Don’t forget mobile technology
  16. All your emails, texts & images must be mobile optimized
  17. Use the name of the referral in your messages
  18. Use voicemail wherever possible
  19. Keep it short – don’t post lengthy messages to buyers
  20. Sound professional, not a fresher
  21. Target your buyers with reference to your product
  22. Be concise about what you are & what you do?
  23. Don’t repeat the same message everytime, try something different each time
  24. Learn phone manners, don’t just call anytime
  25. Turn down all distractions while calling or mailing
  26. Use video calling if necessary
  27. Contact buyers once in a day
  28. Don’t force buyers to purchase anything your offer
  29. Do some homework before contacting your prospects
  30. Evaluate importance of your product to buyers
  31. Use social media effectively to reach your buyers
  32. Use LinkedIn to sell not to offer jobs
  33. Schedule social media posts for daily or weekly postings
  34. Send updates or latest products to old & new buyers
  35. Send links of your blogs
  36. Update your contact details if you change them
  37. Twitter is the best platform for marketing, use it wisely
  38. Give cash discounts & discount coupons
  39. Give away FREE shipping
  40. Give FREE sample products to use

We END here the list of 40 tips that will help you connect with buyers & grab more sales. Along with these tips you need a super attractive eBay store designed by professional eBay store designer. Without it you cannot accomplish fair amount of sales.

Contact us for a stunning eBay store & listing designs from our expert eBay store designer.

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If you are making any of these mistakes listed here then stop doing it immediately or else you will bear consequences like others do. Being enthusiast is good for business but a mistake comes with a price.

Here in this blog we have outlined some common mistakes made by new sellers. Read them & try to avoid them.


New sellers don’t treat their online business seriously. Remember it’s not a junkyard sale, it’s a serious stuff & if you take it genuinely it will pay you in return. Select a healthy business model; manage stock, books, shipping, delivery etc.


Being rich over night, it is absolutely a dream come true for anyone. But here you need to work hard after product quality, after sales services & monitor each & every detail from scratch till end. New sellers dream of being rich overnight & when they face the reality they collapse.

Professional eBay store designer


New sellers don’t bother to do research work about fees being charged by eBay, PayPal, shipping companies etc. They just jump to make fortune without calculations. It is advised to do some research work about eBay fees.


Unclear product description is a major flaw in the process. Standard product description is supplied with detailed info, but though you need to put it in your own word so that it stops looking into a mechanical format.


Product image is the next victim after product description. Images are compromised the most. Take quality images from multiple angles of your product. This will reinstate trust of buyers in your products.


They charge heavy price for shipping whereas many sellers give FREE shipping service. We would advise new sellers to spare shipping services out of making money.


These new sellers do ghost bidding through other accounts so that a high price sale is achieved. This is totally unaccepted by eBay & you can be banned for such activities. Stop ghost bidding.


Not taking care of customers query, complaints, refunds or returns. This is a huge mistake & it can cost you a whole of the business whether online or offline. These sellers take buyers for granted after receiving money from them.

Take care of your buyers on the priority basis, leave everything aside. By spending a small amount of money you can ship the product back to the buyer. It won’t cost you a big amount. But if you lose a buyer you may not regain him/her.

Hence, avoid making these 8 mistakes as soon as possible. Keep a steady pace while selling on eBay.

Along with avoiding mistakes you also need a stunning look for your store to attract buyers & give them a pleasant shopping experience. And believe us our professional eBay store designer are the ultimate solution to a stunning design.

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